Monday, December 22, 2014

Personal Care

If you or your loved one needs extra assistance, we’re ready to help. It’s not always easy to accept personal care, so we feel that it’s vitally important for Approved Home Health’s caregivers to establish a warm relationship that is built on trust.

Bathing and showering are essential parts of everyday life and good personal hygiene. We all feel better – in body and mind – when we’re clean and refreshed. Our caregivers are experienced in helping with every aspect of the process, whether you or your loved one requires supervision and minor assistance or a full bath.

Just as you do, we take pride in your personal appearance and are available to assist with shaving, hair care, skin care, dental hygiene and other aspects of personal appearance care. Our caregivers can help with dressing so that you or your loved one is comfortable and looking great.

Difficulty with mobility is another challenge many of our clients face, and Approved Home Health’s colleagues are specially trained to safely help with transferring in and out of a bed, a chair or wheelchair, etc.

All of our personal care services are provided based on a personalized plan designed by a registered nurse (RN) to meet your needs.


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My husband has been a client with Approved Home Health for a long time. He was referred by the Alzheimer’s Association. With Alzheimer’s you must have consistency and he has very good caregivers. They are like our daughters. I have recommended Approved Home Health to other people and always will.  

Betty Fouche

Everyone at Approved Home Health is friendly, kind and very helpful. If you have questions or problems and call the company, they take care of it the same day with no negativity. I have post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety and depression. On the days when I am down, the caregivers are very supportive. I recommend Approved Home Health very highly.    

Cynthia Hopkins

I have been a client for 14 years. My husband had it; he passed away and now I am a client. We’ve always had excellent caregivers. Approved Home Health is efficient, understanding and very caring. I get help from other agencies, but Approved Home Health is the only one that sends out birthday cards.  

Louise Rhoden