Companion Services

Friday, October 24, 2014

Approved Home Health’s caregivers are focused on creating quality of life experiences for you or your loved one by providing friendly and supportive companionship. Our caregivers are good listeners who are eager to share in your reminiscences of important memories or hear personal stories from your family tree.

Companion Services also serve many other functions. They can ensure that medications are taken safely and on time, help set medical appointments and handle other scheduling, assist with morning and evening routines, plan social activities, assist with menu planning and more. Depending on the program you are in, companions may drive you to doctor appointments or the pharmacy. While your caregiver will not be able to administer medications to your senior parent or family member, they can act as an “alarm clock” to ensure medications are taken on time and safely. Careful compliance with medications can make the difference between staying independent or not.


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Everyone at Approved Home Health is friendly, kind and very helpful. If you have questions or problems and call the company, they take care of it the same day with no negativity. I have post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety and depression. On the days when I am down, the caregivers are very supportive. I recommend Approved Home Health very highly.    

Cynthia Hopkins

I have been a client for 20 years. I like Approved Home Health because they are excellent helpers. Everybody is so wonderful. They know me so well they can almost read my mind. Most of all, we are just like one big happy family. They do not feel like strangers. They feel like family. I will recommend them indeed. I also want to thank the office staff for such great teamwork.  

Edith Woods

My husband has been a client with Approved Home Health for a long time. He was referred by the Alzheimer’s Association. With Alzheimer’s you must have consistency and he has very good caregivers. They are like our daughters. I have recommended Approved Home Health to other people and always will.  

Betty Fouche