Dad, Can I Have the Keys?

Dad, Can I Have the Keys?

light-car-inside-blackThe day has come for the dreaded “car keys” talk. Just as your parents once dreaded turning the car keys over to you, you now dread having to take the keys away from your mom or dad.

A senior caregiving professional can help with this discussion. Seniors tend to respect the authority of a physician or other caregiving professional regarding these matters, they often hear “you need to stop driving” better when it comes from a doctor rather than a family member.

Be empathetic when you have this conversation. Imagine how you would feel if you couldn’t drive to work or to the grocery store tomorrow. Consider how limited you might feel if you were not able to come and go from your home at will. By approaching the issue from an empathetic standpoint, you may find your mom or dad becomes more open to hearing you.

When you suggest a person give up the car keys, it’s important to have a list of viable transportation alternatives. This can help to maintain independence and avoid feeling like a burden on family caregivers. Here are some suggestions:

  • Carpooling. This is an especially useful option for activities like religious services and other regularly scheduled events. Encourage your mom or dad to ask someone who participates in the same activity to pick up and drop off him or her.
  • Public transportation and community-based transport services.
  • You and other family members. When a senior stops driving, family members often jump in to provide transportation services.

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