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Prevention can calm fear of falling

Each year more and more seniors go to the hospital for fall related injuries. Congress has passed the Elder Fall Prevention Act to better educate, expand services and determine the best way to prevent falls. One third of seniors age 65 and older fall each year, and by age 80 that number is one in two.

Because more than half of these falls happen inside the home, some type of medical alert system might be helpful.  The majority of these falls are not due to climbing stairs. There are many reasons, but the root cause seems to be related to the effects of medications.  WhereSeniorsFall

Because falling and being injured are such scary thoughts, many seniors begin avoiding every day activities. Talk to your doctor if you are having these fears. Physical therapy might help with balance and confidence. This can help prevent future falls as well.

Preventing falls is key. If you wear bifocals, they should be removed while walking. There might also be some simple fixes around your home too like securing loose rugs, and lighting dark areas. Staying active and building muscle through exercise will improve balance.

Learn how to get up with this helpful video.

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