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8 Tips for Spring Cleaning with Seniors

Spring is in the air and it’s time to begin spring cleaning. Caregivers and family members can also use this as a check up on their older loved ones. It is great opportunity to make sure that the person is still capable of living alone in a safe environment. If the person is not cleaning up after him- or herself, it might be time to recommend some changes to the current living situation.

In addition, it’s a perfect opportunity reorganize and possibly locate important documents or family pictures that might have been misplaced over time. Here are some tips to help you take care of your loved one:

  • Start with a list of things that need to be tackled. image001
  • Clean up any clutter and throw excess junk away. Make sure the person can move about safely.
  • Check medications. Anything that has expired should be destroyed.
  • Check cupboards and throw out expired food.
  • Change the batteries in smoke alarms.
  • Bring a whole team with you. It will be fun to have family members visiting and helping. It’s easier to clean when cleaning isn’t boring.
  • Offer to tackle the high spots, as well as lifting any heavy boxes or furniture.
  • Remember to keep the senior involved. He or she will want to be contributing, too.

At Approved Home Health, homemaking is typically provided in conjunction with our other core services, allowing you or your family member to enjoy your home without the added responsibility of keeping up with chores every day. A clean and neat home environment helps maintain a sense of independence and pride. To learn more about Approved’s services and to receive a free consultation, call 941-870-8740