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Teaching Elders About Technology

Smart phones and other high-tech devices can be intimidating, especially to people over 60. But technology doesn’t have to be scary and daunting, and using that new iPhone or computer may have many benefits.

Why not take an afternoon and give your older loved one a lesson in using his or her device? The lesson can serve as bonding time, as well as teaching about the technology. Show him or her the fun aspects of  Facetime with the grandkids or a social media site filled with pictures, they’ll love that!

Once he or she is more familiar with the new phone, tablet or computer, download some apps. Let him or her see how many different things the device can do and explain why these are helpful.

Different types of apps that might be beneficial are:

  1. An activity tracker
  2. Mind games
  3. Medicine notification
  4. Alarm clock
  5. Nutrition calculator
  6. To-do list
  7. An alarm or alert system
  8. A heartrate or blood pressure monitor
  9. Reading
  10. Entertainment

Along with the benefit of spending time together, you can also show your loved one the security that comes from having access to help in the palm of his or her hand.

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