Dear Tiki,

I want to personally thank Approved Home Health and its staff for all the wonderful help provided in caring for my husband, John Sherman. For at least a couple of years, each caregiver who came into our home has been courteous, respectful and very friendly. I have counted on each and every person as they provided the time I needed to take care of myself, knowing that my husband was well cared for. I also want to compliment everyone on their professionalism. I will always recommend this great company as an excellent provider of home health services!

Again, thank you and I will never forget all you have done to help me and my husband!


Alice Sherman

P.S. I especially want to thank you, Tiki, for your professionalism and thoughtfulness on the phone and in scheduling. I loved each caregiver such as Gwen, LaKesha, Nadia, Natalie and Miss T. I count them as friends and angels when needed!!!!

Dear Ones at Approved Home Health,

I have intended to write you this letter for nearly a year – and feel badly that it has taken me this long to do it.

My husband passed away in May 2015. We engaged your services [for one week]. Everyone who came to care for him was wonderful. But I want to especially mention Nathalie.

When she first arrived, he smiled at her and said, “You are my angel.” And she was. She was strong, kind, professional and skilled in how she looked after him all night, so that I could get some sleep. I cannot even begin to imagine how difficult that work can be. I do know how very, very important it was to me — knowing he was in Nathalie’s excellent care. He felt secure and safe with her present. She is a tremendous asset to your company.

I hope you will let her know how much she meant to both of us at such a difficult and painful time.

Sincerely with Gratitude,

Rev. K.W.

Sarasota, FL

Everyone at Approved Home Health is friendly, kind and very helpful. If you have questions or problems and call the company, they take care of it the same day with no negativity. I have post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety and depression. On the days when I am down, the caregivers are very supportive. I recommend Approved Home Health very highly.

Cynthia Hopkins

Bradenton, FL

My husband has been a client with Approved Home Health for a long time. He was referred by the Alzheimer’s Association. With Alzheimer’s you must have consistency and he has very good caregivers. They are like our daughters. I have recommended Approved Home Health to other people and always will.

Betty Fouche

Bradenton, FL

I have been a client for 14 years. My husband had it; he passed away and now I am a client. We’ve always had excellent caregivers. Approved Home Health is efficient, understanding and very caring. I get help from other agencies, but Approved Home Health is the only one that sends out birthday cards.

Louise Rhoden

Bradenton, FL

I have been a client for 20 years. I like Approved Home Health because they are excellent helpers. Everybody is so wonderful. They know me so well they can almost read my mind. Most of all, we are just like one big happy family. They do not feel like strangers. They feel like family. I will recommend them indeed. I also want to thank the office staff for such great teamwork.

Edith Woods

Bradenton, FL