Summertime doesn’t necessarily mean caregiver’s of Alzheimer’s patients get a break. Summer brings new problems for people with Alzheimer’s dementia. Here are a few important things to think about.

Like many other things that are forgotten by people with Alzheimer’s, they can forget to drink enough water. It isn’t enough to just hand them a nice cold drink, Sit down and drink with them and encourage them to keep drinking. It is important that they drink more than usual, because they are most likely sweating and losing more water than they are taking in.

We are always told to apply sunblock and to be mindful of the time that we spend in the sun. But people with Alzheimer’s probably won’t remember this or think of it on their own. Give them a hat to wear, or help them apply sunblock. Help them to a shady area and have them wear sunglasses, their eyes can be damaged too.

Heat exhaustion
The elderly are more susceptible to heat exhaustion and people with dementia may not know when to come inside. They may forget to turn their air conditioner up or on, they might not even have one. Take an extra minute to be sure that they are comfortable.

Pool Safety
Having a pool is an added worry. Elders with Alzheimer’s and dementia are almost like children. They aren’t thinking about the dangers of a pool and they might want to go for a dip by themselves. If you have the time to take a swim, go in the water with them. But just like you would with a child, have the pool surroundings equipped with a fence or an alarm system so that if they do somehow get in, someone can be alerted.

Being a caregiver may mean that you aren’t able to go on vacation because no one will be there to take care of your loved one. Caregivers need a break too. Approved Home Health provides care for Alzheimer’s and dementia patients, allowing clients to remain in the home and offering relief to primary caregivers. Call today for your complimentary in home nursing assessment at 941-870-8740.