Refer a friend and let it rain $$$$……

Approved Home Health (AHH) takes great pride in its recruitment and selection process which resulted in you joining our organization. Our past history indicates that one of the best sources for candidates who are likely to meet our standards and core values are often located through our existing colleagues.

We encourage you to refer qualified applicants that you personally know and recommend for employment with AHH. If your candidate is hired, you will receive $50 after your candidate is employed with AHH for 300 hours worked. Additionally, you will receive another $50 after your candidate is employed with AHH for 600 hours worked. This must be within the year of hire. In the event that the same candidate is referred by more than one employee, the date of the earliest referral will govern.

In order to receive the referral bonus:

  • You must complete a “Colleague Referral” form for each applicant that you refer. If the candidate is referred by more than one AHH colleague, the earliest date of referral (as indicated by the receipt date of the colleague referral form) will be eligible for the bonus.
  • Both the candidate and the referring colleague must currently be employed at the time of the bonus pay out.
  • Referrals cannot have been previously employed by AHH

Download the Colleague Referral Form