Approved Home Health’s caregivers are focused on creating quality of life experiences for you or your loved one by providing friendly and supportive companionship. Our caregivers are good listeners who are eager to share in your reminiscences of important memories or hear personal stories from your family tree.

Companion Services also serve many other functions. They can ensure that medications are taken safely and on time, help set medical appointments and handle other scheduling, assist with morning and evening routines, plan social activities, assist with menu planning and more. Depending on the program you are in, companions may drive you to doctor appointments or the pharmacy. While your caregiver will not be able to administer medications to your senior parent or family member, they can act as an “alarm clock” to ensure medications are taken on time and safely. Careful compliance with medications can make the difference between staying independent or not.

To learn more about all Approved Home Health’s programs, please call 941-870-8740