Welcome to the Colleague Rewards Program (CRP)

Approved Home Health is implementing a custom-designed program to recognize our colleagues for their commitment to providing exceptional care. Helping people safely remain in their homes and maintaining their dignity is at the heart of what we do. Everyday our colleagues aspire to provide professional quality care and this program supports and recognizes their dedication to delivering a Gold Standard of Care.

Each colleague will have the chance to earn up to $600 annually upon successful adherence to the core values. Achieving a Platinum level score (100% +) will earn $50 each month. A Gold level score (95% – 99.99%) will earn $25 each month. Rewards will be distributed monthly in the form of a gift card. It is expected that all aides will achieve the minimum Gold Standard and will be coached to success if they fall short.

Approved Home Health has 7 core values as listed below. Each month all colleagues will receive a grade for each core value. The grades are comprised of measurable actions that when calculated will provide an overall score. These key metrics listed below, when performed to the minimum Gold Standard, will earn the colleague the minimum bonus. Attached you will see a sample scorecard that will be used to tabulate the scores for each colleague each month. The scorecard shows the minimum expectation. There are also several opportunities to earn more points that can help the colleague reach and actually exceed 100% to attain the Platinum Standard.

Aides that maintain an annual average of the Gold or Platinum Standard will earn an additional reward once a year.

Core values

Compassion  •  Communication  •  Integrity  •  Respect  •  Teamwork  •  Development  • Stewardship

Metric Categories

Telephony  •  Care Notes  •  Productivity  •  Ambassadorship

Metric Details

Clock in/Clock out – Aides must use the telephony system with a minimum of a 90% score. If you have 10 shifts, then you would have 10 clock ins and 10 clock outs for a total of 20. 18 out of 20 equals 90%. If the colleague doesn’t use telephony more than two times in this example they would fall short of Gold.

Clock in/out within 15 minutes – Aides must be punctual and achieve a minimum of a 90% score. As the above example suggests, if the aide has 10 shifts and logs into the system after 15 minutes 2 times (10-2=8, 80%) they would fall short of Gold.

Care note punctuality – All care notes must be submitted by 12noon on Monday. This is an all or nothing opportunity. If the aide has 10 care notes to turn in and only turns in 9 this would yield a score of 0% not 90%. All required care notes must be turned in on time to receive the 100%.

Care note accuracy – All aides must be diligent on what services they provide. If an aide has 10 care notes and one sheet has an error this would yield a 90%. If 2 care notes out of the 10 (80%) have errors the aide will fall short of Gold.

Calls/texts – Communication is critical to our mutual success. When we contact you we need a response within the designated time. If we contact you 10 times and you respond 10 times you will achieve 100% compliance.

Confirm schedule – We will send you texts or emails asking you to confirm your schedule. When you respond by the designated time you will achieve 100%.

Minimum hours available – As part of the employment agreement, aides are required to be available a minimum of 24 hours per week. Achieving this requirement will add points to your score.

Client compliments and complaints – Aides can earn additional points when a client provides a compliment on service provided by the aide. Conversely the aide will have points deducted if we receive a complaint.

HR compliance – By law, aides must abide by certain HR compliance requirements such as but not limited to providing CPR certification, auto insurance and driver’s license. Consistent compliance with HR will achieve all eligible points.

Bonus points – In addition to the minimum standards there are additional opportunities to add points to the score including:

  • Incremental points for every hour worked over 24 up to 40 within one week (Mon-Sun).
  • Client referrals
  • Aide referrals
  • Volunteer for weekend on call (points and bonus pay)
  • Accept late or same day shifts
  • Continuing education units

Negative points – As there are opportunities to earn extra points, negative points will be assigned for unexcused call-offs, complaints and loss of business.

Start Date – The program will commence on Monday, August 31, 2015