So You Need a Home Health Aid... Now What?

So You Need a Home Health Aid… Now What?

So you came to the decision to hire someone to help care for your loved one. Hiring a home health aide on your own is a difficult task and not having any healthcare experience makes it worse. What questions do you ask the candidate? How do you determine they are qualified? How do you check their credentials? What questions do you ask their references? How do you handle payroll and taxes? You have to repeat this for every candidate and hire more than one so you have coverage when your primary caregiver is away.

An easier way is to use a home health agency such as Approved Home Health. Agencies have already vetted their home caregivers. So now you only have to vet the agency. The Huff Post 50 blog post We Need A Home Health Aide, How do I Get That? provides you more information on the function of the agency and what to ask. Review this article then call us at 941-870-8740 for a free nursing evaluation.