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Help! I’ve fallen! A guide to getting up if you’ve fallen

image001More than one third of people over the age of 65 are susceptible to falls. In fact, the most common cause of injury in the elderly is falls. Do you know how to get up if you have fallen? If you witnessed someone fall, do you know how to help?

If you have fallen, remain calm and follow these steps:

  • Roll to the side, and bend your top leg. Push yourself up onto your elbows or hands.
  • If there is an object nearby that is strong enough to hold you, preferably a chair, kneel in front of it, and put both hands on it.
  • Place your dominant or stronger leg in front, while still holding onto the object.
  • Pull yourself into a standing position.
  • Carefully sit down in the chair.

If you cannot get up:

  • Try to get help. If you have an emergency alert system, use it. If you think someone is in the vicinity and can hear you, yell for help. If not, try to reach a phone.
  • If help isn’t available, use  something within reach to make noise. If you have a cane or walker, try banging it on the floor or against a wall.
  • Find something to support your head, like a pillow of piece of clothing.
  • Avoid becoming stiff by moving your arms and legs. This keeps your joints loose and promotes circulation.

If you see someone fall and can help, don’t rush to move the person right away. Assess the situation, see if he or she is conscious, and try to help the person relax.

If the person cannot get up:

  • Get help, or have someone call for help. Keep the person comfortable. Cover him or her with a blanket or some type of clothing. If you are able, provide first aid.

If the person seems capable of getting up:

  • Assist carefully.
  • Have the person get on his or her side, and bend the top leg.
  • Put a chair next to the person, then get behind and help him or her into a kneeling position with his or her hands on the chair.
  • Have the person use the stronger leg while still holding on to the chair to pull him- or herself up.
  • You can help by holding the hips while the person stands, and eventually help him or her sit in the chair.

Falls should always be mentioned to a doctor or healthcare provider.

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